Specialised fire suppression and detection systems developed for different fire risks in industrial enterprises


Explosion Safety Systems developed for the suppression, evacuation, and prevention of pressure and explosion hazards.

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Expertise and Experience In Life Safety & Asset Protection: ELVA

Seconds and even miliseconds are important at accidents like fire and explosion, because life safety matters. You should ask for a precaution from experienced team against fire and explosion risks at your premises.Elva Engineering can design, implement and serve systems according to your needs against accidents.

Find out what services and products Elva has to protect your people and processes from dust & gas explosions.

Learn how Elva protects your plant from pressure related unplanned downtime, equipment damage and waste of time with rupture disc solutions.

Check out the solutions offered by Elva about spark detection and extinguishing.

Check out the Exproof products offered by Elva for harsh, dangerous and explosive environments.

Every second is very important in fire detection. Find out how Elva can help you before it’s too late for your valuable assets and employees.

Learn about Elva’s automatic fire suppression solutions to protect you and your valuable assets from the risk of fire.

Find out what products Elva has for fixed, portable and open path gas detectors.

Check out other Elva services like fire and explosion risk analyzes, determining the characteristics of explosive dusts, maintenance services etc.


Our mission as Elva Engineering is to protect you from fire and explosion accidents with our knowledge and experienced team.

Our priority is to keep you and your facility safe

We serve tailor made solutions determined according to your needs

We serve systems complies to international standards and certified by acredited institutions

We service you with +20 years experienced engineers

We design, install, commission and maintain systems with our expert team