Video Image Detection Systems

Signal and video image processing technology has been used for a long time in many industries. Fire alarm detection with video imaging is also using image processing technology. Basic technology is processing image pixel by pixel and detect smoke, flame or reflecting flame. Detection types depend on each manufacturer’s product specs.

Video Image Detection technology has been developing rapidly and has been identified in international standards. VID systems first identified in NFPA72:2007 and has started be used as primary detection systems. VID systems has significant performance at premises that classical detection systems can not be used because of large volume, detection range, dust/dirt, etc. International certification organizations like UL and FM also identified VID systems. VID systems has not been included to EN54 standards yet however it is being discussed in comities and expected to be included in next releases. VID is also included in “”BS5839-1:2002+A2:2008 – Code of Practice for System Design, Installation, Commissioning and Maintenance” as smoke detector.

Ready when it matters most

Even a small fire can have big consequences, both in high-impact (e.g. airplane hangars) and high-risk environments (e.g. chemical plants). Traditional smoke detectors might only get activated when the damage is already done.

Effective in harsh environments

SmokeCatcher operates flawlessly in environments where chemicals, dust or vapor are present every day. Unlike traditional smoke detection systems, SmokeCatcher does not generate false alarms because of these phenomena.

Ideal for great heights

SmokeCatcher is ideal for use in tall buildings or large indoor spaces. In these environments, smoke might never reach your traditional smoke detector, because of a process called stratification, which stops the upward movement of smoke.

Main Industries

  • Dirty/Dusty environments
  • Industrial Plants
  • Warehouses
  • Hangars
  • Marine
  • Stadiums

Application Examples

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