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ELVA is a young and dynamic team specialized in Industrial Accident Protection Solutions.

We focus on specialized and demanding process industries such as chemical, petrochemical, energy, wood, paper, pharmaceutical, etc. and offer our customers the most suitable solutions.

Customers choose ELVA because we are:
  • Quality

We strive to offer the best quality in our products and services.

  • Service

Our profit comes from our customers. Everyone at Elva is aware of this and strives for one common goal: to serve our customers in the best way possible and solve their problems!

  • Professionalism

We do what we promise and we promise what we can do.

  • Flexibility

Even if it is not in our standard offer, we always take the conditions one step further to find the most suitable solution for our customers.

We offer a pleasant environment where the following values are very much alive:
  • Respect & Trust

We expect all colleagues to respect each other, customers and all other partners in our ecosystem.

  • Collaboration & Team Spirit

We all work on the same goal and offer service and quality. This means that all people must support each other to achieve this.

  • Innovative Understanding

We integrate the latest technologies into our products and solutions and follow the latest technologies.

  • Greed

Only the best is good enough.

  • Balance Between Flexibility and Family

We expect our employees to give their best and we expect flexibility when processes get stuck. On the other hand, we are aware that our employees also have responsibilities towards their families, and we attach great importance to this.

If the values above match your personality, please continue…

Sales Manager

Summary Job Description:
Position: Sales Manager
Department: Sales
Location: Istanbul Anatolia
Working Type: Full Time
Required Qualifications:
  • Graduated from the Electrical, Electrical-Electronics, Mechatronics or Chemical Engineering departments of universities
  • Have advanced knowledge of written and spoken English
  • At least 3 years of experience in sales
  • Have knowledge and industry experience about ex-proof equipment and ATEX certification
  • Proficient in ex-proof issues, knowledgeable within the scope of ATEX workplace safety directive (ATEX 153), ATEX equipment directive (2014/34/EU) and IECEx
  • Knowledgeable about EN60079 standards
  • Able to drive actively and have no travel restrictions
  • Attention to detail and good diction
  • Highly sensitive to customer needs and able to use time effectively
  • High interpersonal communication skills
  • Willing to learn and develop
  • Proficient in MS Office applications
  • Preferably residing on the
  • Anatolian side of Istanbul
  • Prone to team work, open to communication and planning and organizing competence
Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
  • Providing solutions that meet customer needs by organizing special visits and presentations to customer groups related to the product group he is responsible for.
  • Preparing technical and commercial offers
  • Examining customer demands and turning them into a workable solution
  • Creating a bill of quantities from request documents and requesting missing items from customers when necessary.
  • Conduct costing as part of the bidding process
  • Being the authorized contact person for customers during bidding processes
  • Ensuring bids comply with the company’s commercial guidelines
  • Developing and maintaining relationships with decision makers on the customer side
  • Managing incoming requests for proposals as a list of priorities
  • Responding to customer questions and requests in a timely and effective manner

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