Conventional Fire Alarm Systems

Conventional fire alarm detection systems are basic fire alarm detection systems. Conventional fire alarm systems have less features than addressable fire alarm detection systems. In some cases they are more useful and economic solutions like warehouses, shops, industrial plants, etc. System scale is based on fire alarm panel’s capacity (2-4-8 zones). Maximum device quantity that can be connected to each zone is dependable to the each manufacturer’s specs (ex. 20 detectors/zone, 32 devices/zone). Only fire alarm detector and manual call points can be connected to the zones. Alarm information is gathered per zone not device based.

Conventional Fire Alarm System Components

  • Conventional Fire Alarm Panel
  • Conventional Smoke Detector
  • Conventional Heat Detector
  • Conventional Multi Detector
  • Conventional Manual Call Point
  • Conventional Notification Devices (Sounder, Sounder-Beacon, Beacon, Horn etc.)


  • Economic solutions for small-mid sized projects like warehouses, shops
  • Low cost systems
  • Two-wire cabling


  • Alarm per zone, not per device
  • Not suitable for large projects because of limited capacity
  • Cause & Effect is not available
  • Limited networking and data connection options

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