Addressable Fire Alarm Systems

Addressable fire alarm systems have most developed fire detection technologies and transmit alarm situation with all details. Basically system consists of addressable fire alarm panel which functions as brain and its field devices which transmit and/or receive data to panel. Each field device has its own unique address; so alarm situation can be identified per device. Addressable systems can easily be used at high-rise buildings, large scale premises, airports, commercial buildings and residential buildings. Fire evacuation cause&effects can be run one the system for large scale buildings. System type can differ as digital addressable, analog addressable or intelligent addressable systems according to the manufacturer’s specs. Addressable fire alarm detection systems can transmit/receive data to other building management systems.

Addressable Fire Alarm System Components

  • Addressable Fire Alarm Panel
  • Addressable Smoke Detector
  • Addressable Multi Detector
  • Addressable Manual Call Point
  • Addressable Notification Devices (Sounder, Sounder-Beacon, Beacon, Horn etc.)
  • Addressable Input/Output (I/O) Modules
  • Addressable Relay Output Modules
  • Addressable Sounder Control Modules


  • Suitable for large scale buildings like high-rise buildings, airports, industrial plants
  • Fire alarm signal from each addressable device; low intervention times
  • Scalable systems
  • System and field devices are supervised
  • Integration with BMS systems
  • Functional cause&effects


  • Higher cost according to the conventional fire alarm systems
  • High data communication between panel and field devices; requires proper & steady infrastructure
  • Private communication protocol for each manufacturer; correct system needs to be selected for application

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