Chemical & Petrochemical

Industrial Safety Solutions for Chemical Processing

Safety is of primary concern in Chemical Processing Industries as many of the process liquids and gasses used can produce a variety of unsafe conditions. Elva’s expert staff has served the chemical processing industry for many years, ensuring that we have the necessary product and technical expertise to protect your plant from overpressure, explosion and fire.

Pressure Solutions for Chemical Processing

Overpressure may occur from leakage, runaway reactions, thermal expansions and undesirable temperature changes in the environment. Our partner Zook’s comprehensive selection of rupture discs can be used to protect pressure relief valves and can be designed to suit almost any special demand.

Common application areas in chemical plants;
  • Reactors and process containment vessels
  • Fluid transfer piping
  • Heat exchangers
  • Separators
  • Coolers
  • Pressure relief valve isolation
  • Storage tanks

Explosion Protection for Chemical Processing

With its varying processed dusts in confined spaces and of fluctuating temperatures, chemical refineries are one of the most susceptible industries of combustible dust explosions. Elva offers comprehensive explosion protection solutions custom fit for your facility to protect people, equipment and downtime.

Common application areas;
  • Dust collectors
  • Cyclones
  • Flash dryers
  • Conveyors

Fire Protection for Chemical Processing

Fire is a high risky situation that can affect process, cause shut down of plant and create life and asset lost in chemical and petrochemical plants. Any fire in your plant should be detected by automatic fire detection system and extinguished by automatic fire suppression system. Please contact with us for tailor made Fire Detection and Fire Suppression Systems.

Flame and Gas Detection Solutions for Chemical Plants

Common application areas;
  • Flammable & Explosive Gas Detection
  • Toxic Gas Detection
  • Open Path Gas Detection
  • Acoustic Gas Leak Detection
  • IR3 Flame Detectors
  • UV-IR Flame Detectors
  • UV Flame Detectors
  • SIL 2 Certified Fire & Gas Safety Systems

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