Food & Beverage

Hygienic Protection from Explosion, Fire and Pressure

From grinding grain to packaging convenience foods, the food and beverage production industry uses countless processes, many of which are susceptible to overpressure explosions, combustible dust explosions and special fire hazards. Elva’s comprehensive hygienic safety solutions and our team of experts protect your business and most importantly your employees from catastrophe.

Pressure Solutions for Food & Beverage Manufacturing

There are many applications and processes in the Food and Beverage industry which benefit from pressure relief provided using rupture disks. From dry bulk storage to sanitary liquid process applications, rupture disks from Elva provide instantaneous pressure relief for bulk storage, process vessels and piping used for food and beverage manufacturing.

Elva’s expertise is unmatched in providing customized solutions for pressure relief, CIP/SIP and with the option of electropolishing and passivation.

Explosion Protection for Food & Beverage Manufacturing

Found within most food and beverage manufacturers are numerous combustible dusts, including cornstarch, sugar, flour and grain. Elva can determine a dust’s explosive characteristics such as Pmax, dp/dtmax and KST in a Combustion Test Lab. This data will be used to support the Dust Hazard Analysis (DHA) and determine the most effective hygienic explosion protection solutions designed for CIP/SIP applications and to safeguard against contamination and corrosion.

Fire Protection for Food & Beverage Manufacturing

Food and Beverage facilities are the ones where hygiene conditions are kept at a high level but also there is a high risk of fire. Long-term or even indefinitely operating equipment or inattention of working personnel may result in loss of property and life in case of fire. In such cases, the fire should be detected as quickly as possible with the automatic fire detection systems and extinguished with the automatic fire extinguishing systems. Please contact with us for tailor made Fire Detection and Fire Suppression Systems.

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