Wood & Paper

Safety Solutions for Wood & Paper Industry

There are fire and explosion risks in many areas from wood processing to pulp consisting of cellulose fiber, from various batch operations to recovery processes. Elva’s expert staff has served the paper industry for many years, ensuring that we have the product and technical expertise needed to protect your plant from overpressure, explosion and fire.

Solutions for Wood & Paper Industry

Dust-free woodworking is impossible. Similarly, the paper industry is the area where fire and dust explosions are intense. Silos,
filters, conveyor systems, sieves, dryers, mills, classifiers, cyclones and elavators, flash dryers, plate presses are the main areas where hazards are intense. These parts of your production are vulnerable to possible fire and dust explosions. Economic process safety is therefore essential.

Dangerous sparks and hot particles can be produced in your process, which can result in loss of income and / or human life as well as great damage to your production line and machinery. Elva can help you eliminate the risk before problems occur by offering appropriate solutions to every hazard.

The main risk areas are;
  • Boiler and boiler feed lines
  • Bleaching and conditioning tanks
  • Dryer Hood
  • Storage tanks and areas
  • Conveyor systems
  • Recycling operations
  • Digesters
  • Silos
  • Purifiers
  • Chemical process reactors

Fire Protection Solutions for Wood & Paper Industry

Paper fires are a serious risk to danger. The fire first starts to burn inside the paper called as smouldering fire, and in the first stage, no smoke or flame occurs. In the next phase, smoke begins to form and the transition to the flame phase occurs very quickly. Afterwards, the fire grows with geometric speed and creates danger. Wastepaper sites, paper storage areas, high temperature machinery areas are the places where fire can start in the facility. It is essential to detect paper fires very early and take quick action. Otherwise, it will quickly reach dimensions that are not easy to stop or control. Special detection systems are needed for early detection of smouldering combustion in paper and wood production plants. After rapid detection, the fire should be extinguished or controlled with automatic water, foam or gas suppression systems. Please contact with us for tailor made Fire Detection and Fire Suppression Systems.

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