Dust Testing

Test Explosive Properties of Your Facility’s Dust

Improved industrial safety can start with something as small as a speck of dust, in fact. RSBP’s proprietary Combustion Test Lab offers comprehensive explosibility dust testing, providing invaluable data that ultimately helps protect lives and assets. Contact our team today to receive your dust test results in as few as two weeks.

The Combustion Test Lab provides empirical evidence to factories, chemical plants, grain elevators, paper mills and more about the explosibility characteristics of their facility’s dust. Our testing may come in a 20 liter chamber which is designed to provide accurate measurements that represent real-world, industrial-sized applications

Steps of combustible dust testing

Contact Elva

Contact Elva’s experienced consultants about your facility and types of processed dust.

Collect and Ship

Collect and ship a sample of your facility’s dust to the Combustion Test Lab.

Receive Report

In as few as two weeks, receive an ASTM- and CEN-standard report that details the dust’s explosive properties.

Support Products

This data may be used to support explosion protection product integration into your facility.

Name of the Test

Test Methodology

    Sample Preperation

  • Preparation and treatment of samples – grinding, sieving
  • Grain size analysis – assessment of medium-size grain
  • Determination of water, ash and volatile inflammable matter           content
  • Testing Report of the Accredited Laboratory

EN 933-1, ISO 562, ČSN441377
ISO 1171

    MIT layer / Minimum ignition temperature of a dust layerEN ISO IEC 80079-20-2
    MIT cloud / Minimum ignition temperature of dust cloudsEN ISO IEC 80079-20-2
    Explosibility screening testEN ISO IEC 80079-20-2
    LEL / Low explosion limitEN 14034-3
    Pmax / Max. explosion pressure
    (dp/dt)max / pressure increase speed
    Kst / induction period
EN 14034-1, EN14034-2
    LOC / Limiting Oxygen ConcentrationEN 14034-4
    MIE / Minimum ignition energyEN 13821
    RID – ADR / Susceptibility to self-ignition by isothermal method      and determination of critical landfill heightEN 15188
    Determination of resistivityEN ISO IEC 80079-20-2
    Determination of burning behaviour of dust layersEN 17077

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