Fire Extinguishing Systems

Cabinet Fire Suppression Systems

Cabinet fire suppression systems can be used to protect closed cabinets, panels, etc. instead of protection whole enclosure. Inner volume of cabinet is protected with cabinet fire suppression systems and clean agent are used. Integrity of cabinet or panel is the main criteria for these systems.

There are two types of cabinet fire suppression systems:

A) Direct Cabinet Fire Protection System
B) Indirect Cabinet Fire Protection System

Indirect System

The gas discharges through the explosion hole in the tubing systems
Used in hard-to-reach parts and small volumes

  • Economic
  • Easy Upload
  • Effective solution for units separated by muplite systems

Direct System

The gas discharges through a separate distribution nozzle
Used in all closed volume systems

  • Wide protection area
  • Provides quck discharge of gas
  • All applicable with extinguishing gases
  • Manuel allows to run

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