Değerli Varlıklarınız ve Dünyamız İçin Etkili Koruma;
Novec™ 1230 Gazlı Söndürme Sistemi

Clean gas extinguishing systems protect our valuable assets and now protect the most valuable of all; our environment.

Novec™ 1230 is an environmentally friendly extinguishing gas with zero ODP and only 1 GWP.

Not only to protect our world, but also your critical equipment and most importantly, the people who work with them.

Other advantages:

  • Quick Response;

Thanks to the operating pressure, the gas spreads into the fire environment in less than 10 seconds and prevents damage before it occurs.

  • Easy Cleaning;

A modern system that is insulating, non-corrosive, does not leave residue that requires cleaning after discharge into the environment and therefore shortens the downtime of the operation.

  • Complete gas discharge and effective extinguishing with the explosion disc that opens fully and unrestricted during activation.

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