Today, FM-200 (HFC-227ea) is a versatile and reliable system used in fire protection of risky areas. It is also one of the most preferred clean gases in its class.

Because FM-200:

  • It is electrically insulating
  • Can be used safely in places where people live, work or visit
  • It is environmentally friendly with its zero ODP value
  • Does not require cleaning or long downtime after ejaculation

How does it work?

FM-200 is a colorless, odorless and liquefied gas. When discharged into the environment, it turns into gaseous form; It disrupts the combustion reaction by absorbing heat. It does not reduce the oxygen in the environment to extinguish the fire.

Class B Fire Risks

FM-200 is an ideal system for many industries where there are liquid fire hazards: automobile production centers, industrial plants, chemical plants, offshore, etc. like facilities.

Because FM-200 spreads into the environment as a gas and extinguishes Class B fire without spreading the liquid in the environment or to other critical areas.

Fike FM-200 gas extinguishing system discharges into the environment within 10 seconds as a result of a confirmed warning from detection. For more detailed information about FM-200, visit

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